What do you mean by FIBC Jumbo bag ?

First thing to know that FIBC also called big bag, bulk bag or Jumbo Bag. A Flexible Intermediate Bulk container (FIBC), big bag is an industrial holder made of flexible that is designed for putting away and shipping dry, flowable product such as sand, fertilizer, chemical, plastic etc. many more this is known as FIBC Jumbo bag.

FIBC jumbo bag is an ideal solution for the temporary storage and transportation of dry bulk good.

S.R. Industry is a premier manufacturer of FIBC jumbo bag in Gujarat, India. Our offered big bag is designed and fabricated by utilized of high quality assured flexible thread, fabric and latest advanced machinery as per the set global standards. Big Bag flexible containers are available in a wide variety of types, shapes, capacity and size according to the needs and specifications are given by our regular customer.

Fibc Jumbo Bag Exporters in India

Our Manufactured FIBC is as per International standards we offer high quality fabric for bulk bag, PP Woven bag, PP Bulk bags and FIBC bulk bag which is known for its durability and capability.

Bulk bags are used for storing and transporting various product like food, chemical, sand, granules of plastic, fertilizer in bulk amount and many more. These bag are used in various industry such as chemical, pharmaceutical, drugs, fertilizer, food products, grain, plastic, seeds and hazardous waste materials and many more. Before final dispatch to the customer end our offered Jumbo bag is tested on various parameters to meet defect free in nature. Our customer can avail the offered FIBC jumbo bag from us at market leading prices.

Types of FIBC Bags

S.R. Industry manufacture various other types of FIBC Jumbo bags like

U-Panel Bag, Manufacturer in India

U-Panel Bag

U Panel is one of the most famous FIBC Shape where two piece U-panel construction that has two seams sewn along with two opposite side to create two panels. The offered made with all industry standards around the world.

Four panel bags for Manufacturer

Four Panel Bags

It is the first polypropylene design having four panel bag have seams along four separate bit of texture which are sewn together to construct the bag having top and base boards sewn.

Circular woven Bag

Circular Woven Bag

Tabular woven bag into a cylinder or tube cut to the correct size. Most common construction type is circular bag having top and bottom panel sewn into the bag which are ideal for fine and hydroscopic materials.

Conical bag, Manufacturer, Supplier

Conical Bag

Conical bag completely design to assist in the complete discharge of content which are slightly sticky like sugar, flour products etc. Many more.

What we offer?

S.R.Industry renowned in the market as the most trusted manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the FIBC Jumbo Bags. We as a manufacturer can make any type and size of FIBC jumbo bags as per your requirement. Our wide gamut of these jumbo bags incorporates various construction types, lifting options; fill options as well as discharge options, which all are displayed below for better understanding.

Baffle Bag

FIBC baffle bag is adaptable in nature and can swell along the edges when filled losing its square shape. Baffle are extra texture panel or pieces of string sewn into every one of the sack four corners hence which enable the sack better hold its square shape when filled making them easier to store side by side or stack.FIBC baffle bag with spout top and spout bottom.

Baffle bag is designed and maintain square shape filling for maximum use of shipping and storage space. Our design incorporate baffles across all four corner of the bag within these baffles are holes cut out which allow the product to flow evenly throughout bag. Our offered FIBC Baffle bag are sift proof and capable of storing very fine powder without any leakage when its transported from one place to another. Moreover, we offer this all FIBC Baffle bag at a very nominal rate to our client. Before dispatch to the client end we test this bag at various parameters to ensure defeat free product.

Features of Baffle Bag :-

  • Release product from bottom of bag without reaching underneath bag
  • Low temperature resistance
  • Printed in multicolor on four sides
  • dust proof
  • Easier handling
  • Light in weight
  • High strength
  • Eco friendly
  • Easier stacking and storage
  • cost effective

Tunnel Lift Bag

The tunnel lift bag is one type of FIBC jumbo bag.The Tunnel lift bag incorporate with two side tunnel sleeves which allow forklift to engaged and lift the bag without having a second person. One main advantages of this bag is that only one person can handle the FIBC with loops or forklift.The tunnel lift bags are stackable to provide space saving benefit. The offered Tunnel lift bag is highly utilized in packing of food grains, fertilizer,building,construction, chemical etc. many more.

It is ideal for holding large amount of granular products such as sand, stone and gravel. Highly appreciated by our client due to its quality, fabric color, high strength etc. Moreover, we offer this tunnel lift bag at a very nominal rate to our client.

Features of Tunnel Lift bag :-

  • Easy to use
  • Easy handling
  • White fabric standards
  • stackable and space saving
  • fabric color and printed with logos
  • Quality standard
  • Least maintenance

Single Loop Bag

WE S.R. Industry are independent reliable and best leading manufacturer, supplier of Single loop bag in Gujarat, India. Single loop bag having one loop manufacture with main fabric of bag. It is cost effective as compared to other and has the capacity to carry larger volume product like fertilizer, cement, and powder etc. many more. Very flexible handle filled and discharge due to its single loop. Our offered Single loop bag is tested on various UV testing, conductivity testing UN testing as per international and Indian standards.Our offered single loop bags are available by customer requirement in color, size, fabric, and printat a very affordable price.

Features of Single loop bag :-

  • Easy to use
  • fine quality
  • easy to carry
  • High loading capacity
  • Finely weaved
  • cost effective
  • efficient working

Application :-

Chemical industry, fertilizer, pellets, powders, hazardous materials, herbicides etc.

Two Loop Bags

With continuous support and sincere efforts by our experience professional we are manufacturer, supplier of two loop bag. Two loops FIBC are highly made utilizing PP fabric. Compare to the standard four loop bag these bags have different construction. Our offered two bag loops are widely accepted as being more effective.Highly utilized in various places like shopping malls, retail shops etc. other various applications according the needs of our client. Our offered Two loop bag is tested on various UV testing, conductivity testing UN testing as per international and Indian standards. Moreover, we offer this two loop bag at very nominal rate.

Features of Two loop bag :-

  • Easy to use
  • high quality
  • Excellent strength
  • moisture resistance
  • eco friendliness
  • Better holding of the in liner during opening so less risk of wasting time.
  • Cost effective

Application :-

suitable for big range of bulk product, cement, minerals, chemicals, food stuff, metal, powder, waste etc.

Antistatic Bag : - Type 'C' & ‘D’

Type C Bulk bag or Type C FIBC bag

The Type C bag is known as Conductive jumbo FIBC which is produced from fabric which is non-conductive in nature but is conductive threads which are interwoven. These Bags is safe to use in an environment which have explosive gases and dust around. Type C bulk bag is safe to use and transport flammable powders.

safe to use :-

  • To transport flammable powders
  • Flammable solvent or gases are present around the bag

Type D Bulk Bag or Type D FIBC bag

The Type D is also known as Dissipative FIBC Bag and generally made from materials like antistatic in nature. It is composed of antistatic and static dissipative yellow threads. Type D Bulk bags are most commonly used for the transportation of flammable powder substances. The offered bag is not to be used where surface is covered in grease or water because these are conductive materials. Type D FIBC bag is to store combustible product with utmost safety in a toxic environment and for transportation.

Sift Proof bags

Sift proof bag is a bulk bag which takes to prevent leakage of product from the bag through the seams. It is very popular known as the dust proof seams. Our offered products are manufacture using fine quality raw materials and latest advanced technique. AT the manufacturing time the sewing machine needle makes small holes in the fabric. It is one type of FIBC bag. Sift proof bag is a downy materials that is attached to the seams and prevents leaks. Our offered bag is available with two loops. Available in different size, shape, loops, materials, specification according to the client demands. Moreover, we offer this bag at a very nominal rate to our clients.

Features of Sift Proof bags :-

  • Easy to use
  • fine quality
  • Excellent strength
  • moisture resistance
  • eco friendliness
  • High loading capacity
  • Finely weaved

Application :-

chemical, food ingredients, mining and minerals, pharmaceutical, waste& recycling, wheat and grains.

Circular Type with Cross Corner / Corner Loops

we are one of the leading manufacturers, supplier of Circular with cross corner / corner loops. The offered Circular Type with Cross Corner / Corner Loopsis made out of tabular fabric which is very strong in nature. Helps us in achieve efficient dust proofing or sift proofing. Our offered Circular FIBC is generally circular body fabric. Available in various sizes, shape, materials according to our customer demand. Moreover, we offer this at a very nominal rate.

Features of Circular Type with Cross Corner / Corner Loops :-

  • Easy to use
  • safe working load
  • High loading capacity
  • Finely weaved
  • quality all bag are made per industry standards
  • cost effective

Application :-

Food, transport, vegetable bag, sand bag, cement, fodder, fertilizer

Advantages of FIBC big bag / Jumbo bag :-

  • Simple to use
  • Safety
  • flexible and durable
  • High tensile strength
  • Bulk bag efficient use of space
  • Not to do further packaging
  • Eco friendly working condition
  • Saving cost
  • Moisture proof
  • Faster loading and unloading of materials
  • Resistance to chemical and abrasion
  • Packing of powder, granules, flakes and any other dry materials
  • Needs of pallets due to its important lifting loops
  • Very strong yet flexible
  • variety of dimension
  • Ease of transport

Application of FIBC Jumbo bag:-

FIBC bulk bag are ordinarily utilized to bundles product which is dry stream capable in powder structure. Some of the industries that generally go for the FIBC Jumbo bag are the chemical industries , pharmaceutical industry, food industry, Agriculture industry , the plastic industries, the mining industries, steel industries etc. many more. Even granules and furthermore flaky thing can be bundled in these light weights and gushed packs.

FIBC bags are manufactured by S.R. Industry are quality guaranteed and confirmed. They go through total investigation directly from the crude materials used to make them until they are marked as the completed item and prepared for use. S. R. Industry additionally gives custom sack and building arrangement so you get packs that are customized for your needs.

FIBC bags, Manufacturer, Ahmedabad

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FIBC Jumbo Bag, Gujarat, India

FIBC Jumbo Bag, Gujarat, India
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