Tablet Salt

SR Industry is a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of various grades of Salt with Refined Free Flow Iodized Salt, Tablet Salt, and Pool Salt. We are engaged in offering fine and coarse salt for assorted sectors like Foods, Industrial and Water Softener/ Treatment, Pool Chlorinators. Our organization is pioneer in the product innovation and has developed numerous new salt products with continual R & D and technical assistance from our buyers / global business partners. Since our establishment we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying the finest quality of Refined Salt Tablets or NaCl (Sodium Chloride) which are used for a variety of purposes besides consumption. Offered Sodium Chloride tablets are having longer shelf life because they take time to dissolve when compared to other powered salt.

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Even we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying Tablet Salt / Salt Pebbles / Water Softening Salt, and Sodium Chloride which is made with special care so it dissolved perfectly. When it comes to competence in salt matters, SR industry is the well-known brand name in the industrial market. Moreover from outstanding product quality, we guarantee our customers with a rapid and reliable delivery at any time and an always friendly and efficient service. We at SR has the right conditions for deposits and stocks of high-quality salt, modern production plants, conveniently located sites and warehouses, as well as a comprehensive network of business partners. But most of all, it has a motivated and efficient team that offers its entire skills and knowledge to both, salt and customer.

We are offering our esteem customers with an extensive assortment of Water Softening Salt Tablet. These offered Water Softening Salt Tablets are used broadly in water softeners to soften the water in industries, hospitals, hotels as well as households. Our offered Tablet Salt and Soft Water provides an assortment of benefits in our daily life. Our manufactured and supplied Tablet Salt is mainly used as a dietary supplement in the form off buffered sodium. Their reason is to substitute a suspected loss of sodium through sweat during thorough physical activity over a long period of time. Similarly, those consuming a pure vegan diet may also decide to supplement their sodium intake. It is improbable that the regular person, whether vegan, athletic, or not, will receive advice from a medical professional to take supplemental salt, however.

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These offered Tablet Salts are used in water softeners to soften the water in industries, hospitals, hotels as well as households. It is an ideal product used in swimming pool for softening and making water perfect for swimmers. These strong smooth tablets are compacted using the advanced technology, so they will not fall apart. With nothing added and nothing taken away; these are one of the purest water softening salt tablets around and will ensure best results. These Tablet Salts are used in Cleaning Systems, Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics laundries, Dish Washer Salt, Washing Machine Salt, Water heaters and pipes and showers, hospitals, restaurants and hotels.

Uses of Tablet Salt

Our high quality NaCl (Sodium Chloride) tablets are free of impurities or artificial additives and contain a low amount of water-insoluble. Our offered Tablet Salts are used in water softeners to soften the water in industries, hospitals, hotels as well as households. Soft Water provides a huge assortment of benefits in our daily life. These salts helps in reducing costs of serving, maintenance and replacement of boilers, dish washers, water heaters and pipes and showers and improves their life.

  • Water softening salt tablets is frequently used in water purifiers and swimming pools.
  • They are extensively used in pharmaceutical industries
  • Industrial salt tablets are consumed in manufacturing processes of paper pulp, textile, chemical dyeing and more
  • High purity NaCl (Sodium Chloride) tablets are used by schools, hospitals and hotels
  • Large water tank storage facilities use Eco pure products to reduce high TDS and change hard water into soft
  • Food processing industries use refined salt tablets to make sure that the water is fit for the processing purpose.

Benefits of Tablet Salt

  • Acts as a good hydration and rehydration method for long-distance athletes
  • Helps to keep electrolytes balanced
  • Helps to retain more fluids during high-intensity exertion and Physical work
  • Consuming tablet salts and water will restore the sodium level and helps to retain maximum fluids in the process.
FIBC Jumbo Bag, Gujarat, India

FIBC Jumbo Bag, Gujarat, India

Water Softening Salt Tablet

We offer better quality Water Softener Salt Tablet that is most frequently used for softening water in different industries. It is a principle product to be used in Swimming Pools for softening and making water perfect for swimmers. These strong smooth salt tablets are compressed using the latest technology, so they will not fall apart. With nothing added and nothing taken away; these are one of the purest water softening salt tablets around and will guarantee best results. It is an outstanding cleaning agent which is even used in feeds detergent and water treatment as Water Softener. Moreover the huge consumption of tablet salt is in Ceramics where it is used for binding. These are also used as preservatives for sea foods, meats, and poultry.

There are strong cost and efficiency benefits to using soft water:

  • Use less soap and detergents since softened water lathers well
  • No build up of scale. Boiler and heating systems use less fuel and have a longer life
  • Household appliances remain free from scale and therefore last longer
  • All equipment and household fittings need less cleaning
  • Water feels luxuriously silky to the touch and may improve the condition of hair and some skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis.

We are engaged in offering a Variety of Sodium Chloride (NaCl) Tablets

At SR Industry, we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying all types of salt tablets, including following products:

  • Pure Salt Tablets
  • Refined Salt Tablets
  • High Purity NaCl tablets
  • Water softening salt tablets

Product Specification of Tablet Salt

Product Tablet Salt
Appearance Crystal White
Whiteness Index 96%
Calcium (Ca) 0.022%
Magnesium (Mg) 0.021%
Sulphate (SO4) 0.019%
Sodium Chloride (NaCl) 99.50++%
Moisture 0.152%
Water Insoluble 0.018%

We are well-recognized Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Refined Salt, Pure Dried Vacuum Salt, Coarse Salt and Industrial Salt. We take immense pleasure to offer diverse range of highly purified industrial grade salt and refined free flow iodized salt. These salts contain right level of iodine adhering to the norms set by UNICEF and Government of India to prevent iodine deficiency disorders. The full process is automatic and the salt is produced and packed in the most hygienic and environment friendly conditions with the highest purity up to 99.60% NaCl content. It is well-known that Refined Salt is one of the most consumed salts in the world. Refined Salt, which we offer, has been effectively processed for better texture and taste.

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We are catering to the requirements of different industries and distribute best quality of salt to supply in the market. We are considered to be one of the leading concerns, engaged in manufacturing and supplying a huge range of refined salt products. Our assortment is well-known for its purity and fine granulated particles that are not affected even by high moisture content. We are one of the presumed Refined Salt Exporters India, Refined Sea Salt Supplier in India. We are offering best quality of Refined Salt at inexpensive price. To assure the longer shelf life of our Refined Free Flow Iodized Salt to the clients, we pack it in moisture-less and food-grade plastic bags of different quantities

Why Choose SR Industry?

SR Industry is a diversified and leading manufacturer and supplier of top-quality Sodium Chloride Tablets. Our esteem customers can have the following benefits while dealing with us:

  • Being a global supplier of industrial grade and edible high purity tablets at a fair price as we are ISO certified organization.
  • Best packaging of products that meet international standards
  • ISO certification to ensure that we hold to the required rules and regulations in our facility
  • Hi-tech mechanical setup of salt tablet production with a minimum capacity of 1500 metric tons monthly production to meet customer necessities
  • Specially selected processors to make sure that the production of products is of the preferred quality
  • Production of salt tablets with the necessary specifications
  • Customer pleasure with value-added services
  • Timely communication and timely completion of accounts
  • Clearness in all transactions and sales follow-up to make sure our clients get the desired products.
FIBC Jumbo Bag, Gujarat, India

FIBC Jumbo Bag, Gujarat, India

Domestic Trading, Import and Export of Tablet Salt / Refined Salt / Water Softening Salt Tablet

Pioneering and superiority are the pouring ideology behind the success of SR Industry. We have been serving our esteem customers all over the globe since our establishment in this industrial market. We are developed with a team of skilled and knowledgeable experts to manage all the production activities. Our team is engaged in using high-tech production practices to manufacture pure salt tablets to make sure freshness and longevity of the products. We also have the resource to supply products according to the precise necessities of our customers. We offer professional services spanning across a diversity of industries. We are a highly regarded global venture with moral responsibility forming an essential part of our responsibilities. We specialize in export to various countries, including the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Doha, Vietnam, Singapore, UK, Saudi Arabia etc.